Edited by Bryan Hurt

"A brave and necessary set of early flares of the literary imagination into the Panopticon we all find ourselves living in these days." - Jonathan Lethem

"Smart, eclectic and carefully observed, this collection illuminates the darker corners within our culture and within our private lives." - The San Francisco Chronicle

"What Jonathan Lethem did for amnesia in his anthology The Vintage Book of Amnesia, Bryan Hurt does for surveillance with Watchlist." - The National Post

“Smart and personal... Vivid examples of literature's power to help us understand our circumstances.” - Kirkus Reviews

"A boldly imaginative, diverse collection of 32 surveillance-themed stories from an international coterie of writers." - Publishers Weekly

"The 32 Stories in Watchlist, edited by Bryan Hurt, are united in their depictions of characters under scrutiny. In one, a Google employee is hounded by his all-knowing employer. In another, a group of friends gather to watch mysterious home footage of a local talk show host. Other stories feature a tiny man inside a mason jar, a Middle Eastern bird of prey suspected of terrorism, and an escort whose clients to Polaroids in bizarre settings. With contributions from T.C. Boyle, Jim Shepard, Aimee Bender, and many other of today's best writers, these are post-modern tales with psychological complexity and beating hearts. Short story lovers, rejoice!" - Michael Keefe, Bookseller, Annie Bloom's Books in Portland, OR. 

“While I was reading Watchlist on my computer screen, a multilingual secret agent somewhere in Pyongyang, Beijing, or Moscow was reading over my shoulder, my computer screen on her computer screen, and under a mountain in Colorado, an NSA analyst was reading over her shoulder, my computer screen on her computer screen on his computer screen. What I’m trying to say is: you should read Watchlist, but you should read it on paper.” - Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk

"A diverse and daring anthology featuring new and established voices with novel perspectives on surveillance." - Shelf Awareness

"Perhaps, Watchlist, finally suggests, we in the West can never be truly alone and unobserved." - Sabotage Reviews

"What Watchlist remind you that there are eyes all around, whether you can see them or not, and you can bet that one of them is pointed in your direction." - Heavy Feather Review

Stories of surveillance by Etgar Keret, Robert Coover, Aimee Bender, Jim Shepard, Alissa Nutting, Charles Yu, Cory Doctorow, Randa Jarrar, Katherine Karlin, Miracle Jones, Mark Irwin, T. Coraghessan Boyle, Dale Peck, Bonnie Nadzam, Lucy Corin, Chika Unigwe, Paul Di Filippo, Lincoln Michel, Dana Johnson, Mark Chiusano, Juan Pablo Villalobos, Chanelle Benz, Sean Bernard, Kelly Luce, Zhang Ran, Miles Klee, Carmen Maria Machado, David Abrams, Steven Hayward, Deji Bryce Olukotun, Alexis Landau, and Bryan Hurt