"Everyone Wants to Be Ambassador to France is a weird and singular work, establishing Hurt as an imaginative writer with skill across genres." — Foreword Reviews (starred)

“Bryan Hurt’s stories are like no one else’s. They are by turns hilarious, whimsical, arresting, and heartbreaking, but what makes them such a delight is the sly simplicity and off-handed charm of their telling.” — T.C. Boyle

“I have been a longtime fan of Bryan Hurt’s stories and what a joy to have them all together now in this book! They are a soup pot of the funniest dry sentences plus unusual facts that he unearthed from who knows where, and an unstated humanity tucked inside those facts, and a constant eye on the oddness of culture and the lilt of a well-placed phrase and a carrot. In our endlessly data-packed world, Hurt’s keen sparseness is a welcome addition to the bookshelves.” — Aimee Bender

“The breadth of this is a phenomenal celebration, a catalogue of possibility, of the infinite versatility of short-form writing. Hurt’s fabulist imagination, wicked dry humor, and core emotional truths challenge, dazzle, and ignite.” — Alissa Nutting

"Bryan Hurt’s stories operate under the logic of the sentence, finding within even the most familiar grammatical recipes the possibilities for music, and for humor, and for pathos. Hurt’s infectious curiosity―about everything from history to science to pop culture―means that these stories have enormous breadth, and yet they are also some of the most intimately human I’ve ever read. The lightness of Hurt’s touch belies a startling sincerity. His stories attend with unfussy wit and true feeling to what it means to live as a father, as a boyfriend and husband, as an explorer and writer and inventor, and as one small god among the many." — Emily Fridlund, author of History of Wolves

“The fictional love child of Miranda July, George Saunders, and A.M. Holmes, Hurt’s debut collection combines farfetchedness and dark humor with just enough tenderness to make everything feel true.” — Courtney Maum, author of Touch

Everyone Wants To Be Ambassador to France is swift and spare, a collection to devour and admire. Spectacular!” -- Aspen Matis, author of the internationally bestselling memoir Girl in the Woods

"Small, kooky stories exploring the absurdity and sadness of relationships." — Kirkus Review 

"Everyone Wants to be Ambassador to France is like an intricate toy resting in your palm. It shines brilliantly. You look at it, awe-struck. You turn it this way, turn it that. Like the first Transformer I received as a child, it’s a heck of a toy, a delightfully strange and new thing, with layers hidden within. Except, wonderfully, this is not a toy at all; it is a book of stories, and it exists, now, for us all to read." — Electric Literature