Spooky Action at a Distance — “We were surprised, of course, that when we built our time machine it turned out to be a Delorean.”

Moonless — “It took some doing but I finally made a white dwarf star like they’d been making out in Santa Fe.”

Honeymoon — “The day before their honeymoon she got the flu. Then in the airplane she got an ear infection. In Paris the doctor gave her eardrops which gave her a skin rash because of her penicillin allergy. Then he got her flu and they got in a fight about the hotel because the walls were thin and they could hear the neighbors fucking. ‘Why not?’ he said. ‘It’s our honeymoon,’ he said. ‘We’re sick,’ she said. ‘You’re puking. Your head is in the toilet.’”


A Visit from the President — “In October, near the end of that terrible year, there was finally something to look forward to.”

We Are Being Watched — “Watching is close attention. Close attention is an act of love.”

Dirty Laundry — “We’d found our dream home. Then I googled the house seller.”